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Vietnam Visa




Mohammad ullah

Visa Processing Advisory

+88 0191 0000 904

    1. Passport with validity not less than 6 months  from the time of application.
    2. 2 Copies of recent passport size picture.
    3. Flight itinerary
    4. Bank solvency statement
    5. Copy of previous visit to at least 2 other countries.

For Student

  • Student ID card

For Business

  • Business Card
  • Work ID Card
  • Letter from Work
Consular officer reserve the rights to request additional documents as deemed necessary.
Processing Time: 3 working days. for visa approval

Price of Processing including Visa Fee : BDT 6,000 per passport

If you wish to get your visa sticker from Dhaka Vietnam Embassy it will cost additional BDT 5 ,000 per person with 10 working days for total work process. You can get the visa sticker from Vietnam airport as well for $25 USD but we do not guarantee your entry, Vietnam Immigration holds the rights to refuse your entry.

For more information : Evisa info